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What is Keating Lacrosse Clinics, LLC:

  • Since the summer of 2007, Dan Keating has offered several different types of instructional clinics and camps for aspiring youth lacrosse players. Regardless of what the focus is, each camp or clinic has and will continue to reinforce the following: Teaching participants to learn and execute the proper fundamentals of boys’ lacrosse. Through incorporating the methods of “deliberate practice,” the Keating Lacrosse approach to teaching is based on breaking down movements or skills into parts and connecting to the whole. Over the years, the type of product that has been delivered has been well-received because each camp or clinic is organized; it has a purpose; and, the goal is to help each participant through professional instruction.

  • Mission of Keating Lacrosse:

  • To provide our participants with relevant and purposeful instruction so that they feel inspired to continue their own growth and development as a lacrosse player and as an athlete.

  • Core Values

  • Care: We are committed to ensuring that each participant receives the proper instruction in a safe and secure environment.
  • Discipline: We are committed to providing an organized and structured environment with the primary objective: Teaching the proper fundamentals of the game.
  • Industriousness: We want everyone to work hard and to enjoy the process of learning and improving. Collectively, we want to be the best versions of ourselves.

  • Goals

  • To work as hard as we possibly can during the timeframe of instruction.
  • To enjoy the opportunity to listen, learn, and to play the game of lacrosse.
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