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Positional Academies

General information:

  • We will offer positional academies for goalies, defensemen, midfielders, and attackmen. Each academy will be four weeks in duration and each session will be two hours long. Each academy will be open for individuals in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

  • Academy specifics:

  • Each positional academy will be limited to 16 participants.
  • The instruction for each positional academy will be detailed and purposeful.
  • Much of the teaching will be rooted in the part/whole methodology and the emphasis will be educating the whole student-athlete.
  • Positional academies will have specific objectives and goals. Deliberate practice will be one of the ways in which we set out to improve our academy participants. Deliberate practice:

  • Each Positional Academy will seek:

  • Motivated, hard working athletes who possess a willingness to learn and improve
  • The positional academies will not tolerate individuals who demonstrate poor attitudes, poor listening skills, and the inability to be coached.

  • The Coaching Staff:

  • Each instructor is invested in the individual’s progress over a four-week period.
  • We, collectively, are teachers first.
  • We are committed to our craft; teaching with compassion and a purpose; and, we are about coaching not coddling.

  • Academy Ethos

  • We are open to growth and improvement
  • We are prepared and enthusiastic to play
  • We always compete
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